Tape In Hair Extensions FAQ

What are they?

-Tape in extensions are the most popular method of “permanent” extensions. They are applied with a tape that has a bonding agent and the 2 pieces are “sandwiched” together. They are non-damaging when installed by a certified extensionist, and give you the flexibility of doing everything with your hair that you already do.

How long does it take to apply?

-The great thing about the extensions is they can be applied in an hour!

How long do they last?

-Tape in extensions must be moved up every 6-8 weeks. The extensionist uses a special product to remove your extensions, retabs them, and reinstalls. It is recommended to replace the hair every 6-8 months. Many of my clients seem to around 8 months.

Who are they good for?

-Literally, anyone!! Want a pop of color in your bangs but you don’t want to dye your hair? Tape ins. Have fine hair on the sides and just want some fullness? Tape ins. Want a swing bob, but you still have a lot of growing out to do? Tape ins. Want length and/or volume? Tape ins. This is good for fine, medium, coarse, straight, or curly hair types. If you have extremely thick or tight curly hair, we may have to talk about other options.

Can I feel them?

-When installed correctly you should not feel them in your hair. They can be worn comfortably up or down.

What do I have to do differently?

-There isn’t much you have to change when having tape ins. You definitely want an extension SAFE shampoo and conditioner. You cannot apply product directly to the tape tabs or you risk them slipping out. Though you should still continue to deep condition the extensions, and use leave in conditioner or serum to prolong their health. It is highly recommended to blow dry them after a shower and not to let them air dry, though that is up to the client. You CANNOT go to bed with them wet, and when you sleep it is recommended to put your hair in braids or pigtails to avoid any pulling on the tabs. I also recommend using the brush I include with the extensions to keep the hair in the best shape possible.

What if there’s not a color that matches mine?

-Awesome news is you CAN color or tone these, but with the selection of colors I have it is rarely needed.

What brand do you use and why?

-I use Aqua Extensions. After trying a few popular brands, I truly feel that these are the best quality. The tape is a trademarked medical tape that I have not had any issues with extensions slipping out. The hair is Indian Remy ponytail hair. This means all the hair is guaranteed to be going in the same direction. It is lifted over 21 days slowly to prevent the cuticle from blowing out or damaging the hair and colored with a special textile dye that prevents any fading.

What if I don’t want to commit to a full head of extensions?

-I recommend “trying” them if you are uncertain. We can place a couple extensions in your bangs or on the side of your hair (I always recommend a pop of color for fun) and you can see if these will fit your lifestyle.

What do these cost?

-Cost is a hard thing to give a definitive answer to. It depends on the length and amount of hair needed. I recommend setting up a consultation with me to discuss what you need and what it would cost overall.

What if one falls out or is bugging me?

-It’s as simple as texting me, stopping in for 5 min and I will move it or reinstall it. I include this in all my extension services!

Are people going to see them?

-When installed correctly no. the extensions stay below your temple and crown of your head (unless determined its necessary to adjust that). If you have one that is visible, please contact me and I will move it for you. The first installation is where we learn what placement is best for you and your lifestyle.

What if I just want to take them out and not reinstall?

-I offer that as a service. It is a variable price as it matters how well you took care of your hair. I HIGHLY recommend getting them removed/reinstalled no longer than 8 weeks. The tape’s formulation is designed to HOLD but will start cementing together if gone past 8 weeks which makes removal a difficult (not impossible) service. If they grow out too long, they can twist and dread your hair which also makes removal harder. If you plan to reinstall at a later date I can retab the extensions for a slight upcharge, so they are ready to go for the next installation.

If I did not answer a question you have please reach out and contact me!