Men’s FAQ

General Questions:

How often should i get my haircut?

-This is personal preference. Most of my guys come in every 2-3 weeks though I still have have a handful who prefer 4 weeks. It is also dependent on the cut! Longer cuts can go longer in between haircuts without looking too unkempt.

I always hear the question “what number do you use?” what does that mean?

-The number refers to the guard length. A #2 is 1/4”, a #1 is 1/8”, etc.. Typically a #4 is about finger length. If you are not sure on your guard, I help you figure it out regardless and customize a cut that best suits your head shape and preferred style!

I don’t Know what hairstyle i want, does this matter?

-Not one bit! That is something we decide based on your head and face shape, hair type. willingness to style, and every day life!

I always have a really dry scalp, why?

-This is something that a lot of men struggle with and it could be caused by a lot of different factors. With hair being shorter your scalp is more exposed to the environment, this can cause dry scalp. Also, you probably have heard about the talk on drugstore products and that they’re bad. This still applies to you, not just females!! If you are using drugstore shampoo (yes even head and shoulders) and drugstore styling product, it is drying your scalp out. Talk to me about this and I will get you set up on shampoo and product that will help treat the scalp issues!

How long does a haircut normally take?

-Your first haircut with me will always be longer as I am getting to know your hair, how it lays, your head shape, etc… expect about a 45 min cut. From then on out I typically take 30 min give or take per men’s cut.