COlor faq

I’ve heard color takes better when the hair is dirty, so should i come To my Appointment with dirty hair?

- This is a wives tale. Actually, it makes color take worse. Depending on the products that are in the hair, all of the contributing ingredients and natural oils in your hair act as a barrier, it will not allow the color to penetrate properly. The reason this got started was because some believe that the dirty hair/scalp helps protect a sensitive scalp. Lucky for you I have a scalp protecter that I can add into your lightener and color to help soothe your scalp. The other reason I say this is a big no no is because certain products can have chemical reactions with lightener and it can be detrimental. I prefer you to come in with freshly clean hair.

How long should i wait to wash my hair after i get it colored?

-I tell all of my clients to wait 24-48 hours before washing their hair!

Do you have PPD in your color?

-NO! I use Alfaparf Milano, it is the number 1 Italian line. Europe has many ingredients banned that are still legal in the US. It’s partially why I love the line. PPD for those who don’t know is a filler. Many people have allergic reactions to it that can turn quite severe and even cause death. Many lines are starting to get rid of it but Alfaparf has never used it. I also have an option that is Resorcinol free. There are very few lines that have this option. It is a toxic ingredient that is used in the rubber industry for tire production. It is a known skin irritant and many people are allergic to it as well.